I am Brigitte Herren...

...a Swiss and German citizen, mother of two children, an admirer of early 20th century art, and from January 2016 onward head of the London office of Ayudantes.

I grew up in Germany, Columbia and Switzerland and completed my university studies in communication, business administration, and international relations in the USA. I worked for a Swiss advertising agency, a European insurer, a global management consultancy, and a global bank. My career has taken me to Zurich, Auckland, New York, Johannesburg, Frankfurt and London. I am interested in systemically relevant topics and analytical approaches that lead to sustainable improvements. My experience is that the "soft" organisational topics of power,

belonging and culture which are often overlooked, can quickly become the "hard" facts and barriers when executing change. I am known to tackle challenges pragmatically, fearlessly and with a good portion of love and humour. When I am not working, I like to read books and take in as many cultural experiences as possible. I work out in the gym regularly (out of pure necessity).

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